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Cutting Edge

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CUTTING EDGE by USA SPORTS LABS a #1 selling, fat-burning, weight loss, get-ripped-now, Pharmacist Formulated product! Vs. *Hydroxycut with some stimulants... maybe... is that it? Absolutely, no comparison.

Pharmacist designed to give that ripped, tight, cut look now with a more powerful, natural Diuretic (DIURETICOYLL-SL) available in an easy to swallow tablet.

Nutritional Info

Suggested Use

Take 3-6 tablets per day with meals, before exercise, or as directed.


Please note: The product cannot be used as a substitute for a healthy & varied diet. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

All of the above claims are made directly by the manufacturer of the product and effectiveness may vary.

Do not use if allergic to any ingredient.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.